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Could You Work Behind The Scenes At Oxfam Fashion? Find Out About Our Available Voluntary Roles

18th Jan 2018

Could you work for Oxfam Fashion

Oxfam Fashion blog and twitter is the home of sustainable fashion news, preloved style appreciation and the best DIY & Upcycling know-how knowledge. But it doesn't happen by magic - we're currently recruiting to find our new team of volunteers to help us run Oxfam Fashion. Could you be one of them? Find out more about the opportunities we currently have to offer and how to apply below. 

Oxfam's charity shops sell preloved fashion as not only a way to raise vital funds to help us fight poverty but also as an affordable yet sustainable alternative to shopping from high-street chains. We promote preloved fashion as suitable for everything from everyday wear, by interacting with our shops' customers on twitter, to challenging the conceptions of what 'high fashion' is, through activity like our recent Kate Moss and David Bailey photoshoot, featured in the Guardian Weekend, or our upcoming fashion show that will open London Fashion Week. Our volunteer roles provide an exciting opportunity for someone to become part of our team working within our vision for poverty-fighting sustainable fashion.

Oxfam Fashion Social Media Volunteer

Closing date for all applications is Sunday 11th February 2018

@OxfamFashionTwitter Volunteers

Location: Remote but ideally would be able to attend occasional strategy planning days at either Oxfam House or at an alternative central location.

Time Involved: 1-2 hours per week (+ attendance at occasional strategy days if possible)

How to apply: Email Claire Whittaker on with the following information:

  • A cover letter saying why you'd like to volunteer with us and sharing any relevant social media or blog links
  • A CV including any relevant experience and 2 referees
  • 5-6 example tweets of the sort of content you would share if you got the role as our twitter volunteer

What the Role Will Offer You:

  • Experience of representing a major charity brand on social media to support the work of Oxfam's Trading Marketing Team. 
  • The opportunity to work closely with Oxfam GB's Shops Marketing Coordinator and our team of engaged and diverse social media and blog volunteers.
  • A chance to gain a deeper understanding of the charity retail sector and Oxfam's recycling and Online Shop hubs.
  • Potential strategy away days where food and travel would be reimbursed.  


  • Good use of written English and grammar.
  • Knowledge of social media
  • Active interest in your chosen role's key areas - Sustainable Fashion, Style or Upcycled Fashion (See below for full role responsibilities of each role).  

Different volunteer roles available for Oxfam Fashion Twitter:

1.       Sustainable Fashion Twitter Volunteer

Responsibilities include finding and sharing relevant articles, blogs, news or infographics to promote the environmental benefits of preloved clothing. The volunteer will also understand and promote the benefits of donating clothing to Oxfam including knowledge about Oxfam's Wastesaver plant at Batley.

2.       Style Twitter Volunteer

Responsibilities include sharing the latest fashion trends and tips to achieve them with preloved clothing. The volunteer will also encourage and respond to uses of the #foundinoxfam hashtag for sharing Oxfam clothing from individuals and shops.

3.       Upcycling and Vintage Twitter Volunteer

Responsibilities include sharing blogs, articles and tips to upcycle and alter clothing and celebrating the environmental benefits of extending the life of clothing in this way. The volunteer will engage with other twitter users tweeting about charity shopping or upcycling preloved clothing as well as promoting upcycling as a good way to make charity shopping the most unique way of creating a personal style.   

Become the Oxfam Fashion Blog Content Manager Volunteer

Fashion Blog Content Management Volunteer

Location: Oxfam House in Oxford

Time Involved: 1-2 days per week

How to apply: Click here for more information.

We are looking for someone to manage our fashion blog content. This person would work closely with our Shops Marketing Coordinator and our team of volunteer fashion bloggers to organise, edit and upload content to the fashion blog. There is also the opportunity to write posts in addition to managing content provided by our volunteer bloggers. Find out more here.

If you are interested in any of the roles listed above please apply by 11th of February. You are welcome to apply to more than one of the volunteer vacancies if you are interested in several but will only be able to take on one role. 

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