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Anmarie Bowler

Fashion blogger

Anmarie Bowler is a style blogger, playwright and wayward traveller. She's lived in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Harare, Zimbabwe. She now lives in Ealing, West London with her blues-singing husband John. She owned a women's clothing shop near Marble Arch but closed it to study play writing at the University of Birmingham. She couldn't live without charity shops and Ruby Woo lipstick.

All posts by Anmarie Bowler

Me and Nancy Joined at the Wrist

I recently bought this gorgeous bangle at my local Ealing Oxfam. It was love at first sight and why not? As it happens I've already got quite a few bangles. Over time and through...

Personal Style by the Book

I find second-hand shopping wildly inspiring; the way in which charity shop clothing hangs on the rails one unique piece after another - patterns clashing, colours mis-matching, textures...

Check Out The Versatile Brooch, Mate

The Brooch: bauble from a by-gone era or versatile pin-tastic trinket? I'll admit I'm hard pressed to leave a lapel alone. I'm compelled to broochify all...

A Circle of Style

Today, as Huntress London (me & my blog) join hands with charity shop royalty (Oxfam), I'm thinking about fashionable partnerships. I am honored and thrilled to be part...