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Emily Perowne

Oxfam supporter, daydreamer and lover of all things sustainable

Emily Perowne

I love fashion for its ability to inspire and excite, but I increasingly find it also makes me feel disappointed and guilty. The negative social and environmental implications of our consumer choices are huge - but I believe that they are reversible and that's what keeps me inspired. 

In the summer of 2012 I completed a three year BA (Hons) course in Fashion Promotion at the University of the Creative Arts, specialising in Marketing and PR. As part of my Final Major Project I created an online fashion and lifestyle magazine called A Touch of Green, which aims to celebrate both sustainability and creativity within the fashion industry. I have recently redesigned A Touch of Green and relaunched it as a blog, which will be updated regularly with content that covers everything from fashion and lifestyle, to beauty, travel and food. Visit A Touch of Green to find out more. 

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DIY Easter Rabbit Jar

Easter DIY: Gift Jars

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion You would think that being lactose intolerant means that I hate Easter, but actually I love it. I think part of the reason is due...

Rumble in the Jumble 2

I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out that Rumble in the Jumble was happening again this year. The Oxfam Get Together event, hosted by Radio 1's Gemma Cairney and friends,...

Ethical Feathers from Alula Jewellery

It's fair to say that January is my least favourite month…  I love Christmas so much that the minute the decorations have been taken down and the last mince pie is eaten, I just want to...

DIY Christmas Cards

A friend sent me a touching email the other day, saying that instead of sending out Christmas cards from now on she was going to donate the money she would spend on buying and posting them to a different...

Sustainable shopping vs sustainable washing

Rewind back to May of this year and I was a student completing the final year of my degree. I was at the end of a long nine-month period during which I had compiled a hefty amount of research for...

oxfam dalston

Oxjam: a night at Oxfam Dalston with Kyla La Grange and Lucy Rose (part 2)

Photo credit: Dan Medhurst, with thanks A short while later I was introduced to Lucy. I first heard her beautiful music back in August, when my boyfriend dragged me into a tent at a local...

oxfam dalston window

Oxjam: a night at Oxfam Dalston with Kyla La Grange and Lucy Rose (Part 1)

Photo credit: Dan Medhurst, with thanks ...

who made your pants logo

An Interview with: Who Made Your Pants?

Photo credit: Who Made Your Pants  ? ...