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Helen le Caplain

Oxfam Fashion blogger

I'm a twenty-something clothes-hoarding, vintage-obsessive shopper. Since I was knee-high, I've spent my weekends armed with an open-mind and heaps of small change visiting charity shops and church fairs rummaging for fabulous buys. In that time I've scored some serious second-hand booty and learned that one man's rubbish truly can be another man's treasure. I love getting the opportunity to customise pre-loved items and transform them into new wardrobe must-haves. Visit my blog at

All posts by Helen le Caplain

DIY: Swinging Sixties Mini Dress

It seems my secret is out. I'm a little, well a lot, obsessed with all things 60s at the moment. Whether it's ginormous bouffant dos or teeny tiny mini dresses...

Seriously Simple No-Sew Upcycle: From pleated skirt to swishy cape

I was eagerly eyeing up capes a couple of winters ago but never found something that was just right so my lusty yearnings waned and I focused on my next 'must-have' wardrobe staple. ...

Top of the crops: Floral dress upcycled into crop top and skirt

As we take our first tentative sandal-clad steps towards summer, now is the time to retire winter wear to the back of our wardrobes and finally embrace summer pieces. Floral dresses are a...

DIY Frumpy to Fabulous 60s Vintage Dress

I unearthed this gorgeous vintage dress on my latest charity shop outing and, even though it was too big and a little on the frumpy side, I saw the potential that this little...

DIY Skirt Reconstruction

DIY Skirt Reconstruction

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion I love this skirt but it's two sizes too big and, alas, not something even a few well-placed darts could sort out. Instead of...