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Laurie Rose Belle

Oxfam Fashion blogger and vintage lover

Laurie Belle

Vingate blogger, knitting obsessed cat lady who makes mixtapes in her sleep. I dream of tea & healthy baked treats.

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you've been spotted

Sunday Style Spotting

Enjoying the last weekend of Summer saw us enjoying an afternoon of live music at the local park, I decide it was a perfect time to do a spot of style spotting. I am noticing more and more local...

fashion loved for longer

Three ways to wear your scarves

To say I have an obsession with scarves is an understatement. When it comes to gift ideas my friends & family know if in doubt that a scarf is the only gift for me. My collection is large and...

Fashion loved for longer

How to shop vintage

Whether you love the Parisian glamour of the 30's or long for the strong tailored line of the 60's, getting to know your chosen decade is a must. Does it flatter your shape? Can you make...

1940's Housewife

This week I have been busy figuring out a simple way to style my new locks. For over a year I have either had short hair or dreadlocks, so now I have hair again I don't know what to do with it....