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Sarah Fordham

fashion blogger

I am an embroidery artist and author of cross-stitch projects book, X-Stitch. I love nothing more than scouring charity shops for old needlepoint pieces and clothes to embroider and give a new lease of life to. I hope to share with you my favourite Oxfam finds, and tutorials on how to rework your charity shop pieces.

Twitter: @sarahvfordham
Instagram: @sarahvfordham
Pinterest: sarahvfordham

All posts by Sarah Fordham

Material Girl: the needlepoint is back!

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion Some of you may already know that I am an embroidery nerd. I taught myself needlepoint and cross-stitch way back during my Fine...

Why do only wools and camos work?

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion I have been charity shopping for years now, and for a long time I would avoid the clothing rails altogether. It seems ludicrous...

Find unique items when you shop preloved

Animal Homewares: Using Charity Shops to Find Bargain Unique Pieces

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion In my previous blog post  I talked about my love for all things wicker. Wicker, pottery, brass and copper...there are some...

Wickerbaskets, the interior design trend on the cheap

Interior Design with Wicker Baskets: How to do the Trend on the Cheap

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion I have never paid much attention to interior trends when it comes to my own home, but I have had to be aware of them for my day...