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Date: Jul 2015

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Liberty London and their Legendary Scarves

By Alice Leadbetter At the Oxfam Online Hub in Batley we receive thousands of generous donations every month. These are then rigorously sorted through by hand so our customers are presented...

The Ultimate Summer UK Festival Pack List

The Ultimate Festival Pack List

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion With so many festivals this summer to choose from, here at the festival team we thought we'd make things a little easier for...

The Glastonbury Debrief

By Amy Taylor, Social Media Intern Well what a week we had at Glastonbury! Now that we're all unpacked, have caught up on sleep, have watched those all important Glasto highlights whilst...

Volunteering at Glastonbury

"You are now watching the greatest rockstar on the planet!" It's Saturday night at Glastonbury 2015, and Kanye's offloading a much-anticipated headline set. Elsewhere on Worthy...

Superhero Dress

I swear people are starting to dread inviting me in to their homes. Just the other weekend I was at an engagement party for two very wonderful friends at their home. Me being me, I complimented them...

DIY Waistcoat from a Tank Top

5 Minute DIY: Tank Top to Waistcoat

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion Over the past few months I have been searching for a simple black waistcoat to pair with cream lace dresses and black denim cut-offs...

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