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Date: Jan 2016

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SS16 Update: The New White Shirt

The classic white shirt has always been a key part of any wardrobe - dressed up with smart jeans and heels, worn casually oversized, or channelling a retro feel tied at the waist and teamed with...

Three Ways To Style A Second Hand Shirt

My most recent Oxfam buy is a fab, red-white patterned shirt. I can't quite make out what the pattern is; could be needles, could be teardrops, could be tiny fish. My guess is as good as yours. ...

DIY: Cropping a Jacket

Shortening a coat or jacket can be easy and gives it a fresh look.   Decide where you'd like the new hem line to be.   We're just cutting...

DIY Jumper Neckline

Here at the Oxfam Shop in New St Huddersfield, we're customising unsold clothes for resale and would like to share some ideas…we've called it "up-cycling straight from the laundry basket". ...

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