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Date: Nov 2017

3 Articles

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Volunteer with Oxfam at Christmas

A Day In The Life of An Oxfam Shop Volunteer: Christmas Eve Edition

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion Last year my brother Mark and I returned to our teenage haunt, Oxfam Broad Street, to volunteer on Christmas Eve. We'd both volunteered throughout our teenage...

Why do only wools and camos work?

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion I have been charity shopping for years now, and for a long time I would avoid the clothing rails altogether. It seems ludicrous...

DIY: How to make a Tie Lampshade

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion Post written by Leah Topham, volunteer at Oxfam Batley where she helps upcycle the clothes. She's written this series called...

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