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Jean Valjean comes to Batley: Les Misérables in Oxfam

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion By Medina Selman By day, a simple yet hard-working and bustling Oxfam warehouse - by night, for 3 nights only,...

Glastonbury Style from Oxfam

Get a Sneak Peek of the Treats in Oxfam's Glastonbury Shops

Tweet Follow @OxfamFashion It's the final countdown to Glastonbury, the weather forecasts are on our side and the line-up is looking as beautiful as ever....

Do the government have a role in promoting ethical and sustainable fashion?

The cogs are turning, the wheels are in motion - we are starting to see changes in the fashion industry. There are now countless small ethical fashion brands to choose from...

Comic Relief Red Nose Day at Oxfam Shops

Oxfam Shops are proud suppliers of this year's Red Nose Day Dinosesaurs! There are three red noses to choose from: T-Spex, Dinomite & Triceytops. See below the excitement the Dinosesaurs...

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