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Volunteer…to fight poverty in the UK

Volunteer…to fight poverty in the UK

Credit: Rachel Manns

Oxfam won’t live with poverty, wherever we find it. We work in the UK, because people need us here too.

Your company's skills and experience could support Women United, one of our many projects across the UK. It enables women who are affected by poverty to take up a placement in one of Oxfam's high-street shops for six months. Women develop valuable workplace skills in a retail setting, build their confidence and resilience, and make positive steps forward in their lives. Participants are matched with a professional coach to help them identify and work towards their personal goals, which can include paid work.

You and your teams can support the programme by:

  1. Offering work placements and 'world of work' tours
  2. Delivering development workshops, for example on communications or leadership
  3. Providing career development support on CV writing, job applications and interviews
  4. Using your coaching and mentoring skills to help women on their journey
  5. Being an inspirational speaker: sharing the story of your career.

Locations: Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Oxford
Date: Flexible
Time commitment: Ranging from one day to a longer-term commitment
Number of people: We can provide opportunities for individuals and teams

Case study

Supporting women at risk of poverty in the UK: Oxfam and the Co-operative Bank.

As part of our Women United programme, Oxfam has worked with teams at the Co-operative Bank to provide careers training for women in the UK who are living with or are at risk of poverty. The sessions help participants to identify their transferable skills, create CVs, prepare for interviews and feel positive about seeking work that suits them and their situations.

"We have so many talented colleagues who can offer a real insight into the modern workplace," explains Eileen Donnelly, Head of Values and Ethics at The Co-operative Bank. "I hope they'll inspire the participants on the programme to believe in themselves and to recognise the great things they have to offer employers."

As well as sponsoring Women United, the Bank has helped fund ten women through the programme. They also give their staff the opportunity to offer practical support. "It has made me think differently," one of the women told us.

"The way I walked in that day was not the same way I walked out. I really developed an idea of myself."

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