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Stop British Bombs from fuelling the crisis in Yemen

The war in Yemen has been brutal. Since 2015, deadly clashes and airstrikes have killed 3,980, injured over 33,000, and forced 3.1 million to flee their homes. At the same time, food shortages and rising food prices mean that the country stands on the brink of famine.  

British made weapons are currently fuelling this conflict, and the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, could stop this. While all sides stand accused of breaching international laws, Saudi Arabia's airstrikes have caused 60% of civilian deaths in the conflict. Meanwhile our government is allowing weapons to be exported from the UK to Saudi Arabia.

For the last two months, we have been solidly campaigning to stop the UK government from approving the export of British made bombs to Saudi Arabia. We have a duty to protect people - and our obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty make it clear that weapons exports should be suspended where there is a risk of serious violations of International Humanitarian Law. 

Public pressure is rising, concern has reached Parliament, and coverage of the conflict has finally had major pick-up in the mainstream media. Never the less, our government is failing to step up, save lives and uphold UK and International law.