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Speak Up Week of Action


Fight climate change. End hunger.

At this moment, climate change is a terrifying daily reality continuing to cause more extreme weather events, unpredictable seasons, and crops to fail. As food supplies are destroyed, fragile livelihoods are weakened and the poorest people are plunged deeper into poverty and hunger.

Around the world, we are working directly with the people most affected by climate change to help them adapt to unpredictable weather and changing seasons. But as powerful as these projects are, they're not enough to stop climate change. To do that, we need governments to act, and we need you to help call on those in power to protect the world we live in.

Speak up, stand up

Between the 8-16 October, we're joining forces with our friends at the UK Climate Coalition to show Members of Parliament it's time to speak up on climate change and help put an end to poverty. Across the UK, local communities will be organising a range of events from nature walks to political lobbies, and community energy visits to locally sourced lunches. Together, we will make sure MPs feel the pressure of the public, and lead the way on climate action.

At the United Nations climate talks in Paris last year, history was made: over 190 countries agreed to take action on climate change in partnership with the private sector and civil society. This would never have been achieved if it wasn't for the campaigning of tens of thousands of people both here in the UK and around the globe, but this is not the end of our uphill battle. We must ensure that the agreements made become a reality, and that vital funding to support communities adapting to climate change is distributed fully over the next five years.

Join or create an event

Community action like this starts with people like you. The UK government must lead by example, and dramatically reduce harmful carbon emissions, but this message needs to be heard in every constituency. What could you organise in your local area? Find other organisers near you to pull off an outstanding and outspoken event.

Join an event

Create an event

Download the Speak Up Action Guide (PDF, 7.9MB)

Like you, we won't live with poverty, we won't live with hunger. This October, let's make our voices heard: let's support a transition to 100% clean energy. Join in and act now!

For more information on setting up an event with other Oxfam campaigners, contact Kelly Mundy, our Campaign Network Coordinator.

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