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Even It Up: Bus tour


To end extreme poverty, we must end inequality. The rich get richer - while millions of people struggle for food, water and shelter. That's why we're building a powerful, global movement to close the gap between the richest and the rest.

Celebrity films, games, our new campaign action - our inequality tour bus visited Glasgow, Liverpool Cardiff, Londn and Birmingham with a bunch of activities for all ages.


Even it up bus gallery

Meet the experts

Oxfam's inequality experts were on hand during the bus tour to answer your questions on Twitter.

Mohga Mohga Kamal Yanni

Health and HIV Adviser

Rachael Rachael Orr

Head of UK Programme

Mohga Rachel Wilshaw

Ethical Trade Manager

Rachael Deborah Hardoon

Senior Researcher

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I got on board the @oxfamgb #EvenItUp bus to help tackle inequality. Are you coming?


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