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Investment in life-changing aid – what can it achieve?

Posted by Abby Mason Communications Planning and Data Manager

26th Apr 2012

ONE has produced a light touch, fact packed document called 'Small Change - Big Difference' which marks out what the UK Government is planning to achieve with UK Aid - have a read and see what amazing achievements aid can do.

Development aid has been scrutinised by critical media and public opinion for some time.  UK investment in international development is currently under 1p in ever pound. Even when the UK keeps its 40 year promise to invest 0.7% of national income from next spring this will still only be 1.6p in the pound.  And as ONE shows, it can achieve amazing changes to people's lives.

Some ONE facts: Aid at 0.7% of national income will:

  • Educate 15.9 million children in school
  • Provide access to safe drinking water to over 17 million people
  • Ensure better nutrition for 9.6 million people

This isn't all the facts - download and read the documents for yourself from ONE

We need to keep the pressure on the Government to keep this promise, and spread the word - Aid Works! Aid has transformed people's lives and continues to change the future for many people living in poverty.

Blog post written by Abby Mason

Communications Planning and Data Manager

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Abby Mason