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Nottingham Karnival at the Olympics!

14th May 2012

On your marks

It's hard to escape the Olympics this year and although it sounds cliché, having the Olympics here in the UK really is a once in a life-time event. While many would be delighted to just get to go to the stadium to watch the athletics, imagine how amazing it would be to compete in 100 metre sprint on the Olympic track.

For nine very lucky fundraisers from Nottingham Karni, this was a reality on Sunday 1st April. Nottingham Karni pledged to raise an incredible £10,000 for Oxfam and the fundraisers who raised the most before the event got the opportunity to run on the Olympic track.


How did they raise these funds? They took part in the Gold Challenge. The Gold Challenge involves its participants covering 20.12km, 201.2km or 2012km by participating in any Olympic sport. Many at Karni chose to cycle an exhausting 201.2km in a week to get sponsors so they could take part in the 100m race they would never forget.


The race itself was closely fought and we are still waiting for photo-finish confirmation of the winner! The nine runners and their support crew of Karni Execs had a great day at the Olympic Stadium- which was the first public event to be held at the new stadium.


It's not too late to get involved yourself- whether you are brave enough to run 2012km before the end of 2012, or you want to repeat Karni's feat of cycling 201.2km in a week sign up on the  Gold Challenge website. And may we take this opportunity to say a massive thanks to everyone at Karni for all the money they've raised for us - it really is appreciated.