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RIO+20: The Results

Posted by Abby Mason Communications Planning and Data Manager

27th Jun 2012

Rio - Thank you for securing a win for small-holder farmers

Since Oxfam and the Co-operative launched our Rio+ 20 campaign action 17,500 people like you lobbied to support small-scale farmers. This incredible show of solidarity enabled us to meet Nick Clegg ahead of the Rio+20 conference, to explain why small-holder farmers are so important.

Clegg said: "It was great to meet Oxfam activists who are working so hard to keep these issues at the top of the political agenda ... I will take Oxfam's messages to the Rio+20 Summit where we will be pushing for an ambitious outcome." And he didn't disappoint:

The Deputy PM announced that the UK Government will invest in over 6 million small-holder farms. It will provide grants to benefit small-holder farmers, many of them women, helping them build their resilience to climate change, improve infrastructure and work on other essential developments to help them grow more food.

This is good news - because with the right tools, training and investment small-holder farmers can help feed the world's population in a way that's fair and sustainable, and tackle poverty.

Thank you for adding your voice in solidarity and ensuring the UK government sees strong public support for investment in small-scale farming.

Oxfam Chief Executive Barbara Stocking said:

"The UK Government's significant injection of funding to help millions of small-holder farmers, many of them women, cope with the devastating impacts of climate change is very welcome and will help to save people's lives who are trying to feed their families while dealing with the harsh realities of increasingly extreme weather and shifting seasons.

"Increasing investment in the world's 500 million small farmers - who already feed two billion people - would help ensure that in the future everyone has enough food to eat. Addressing climate change is an important part of the equation and it is vital that other Governments as well as the UK do more.

"However, helping poor people adapt to climate change should not mean less money is invested in education and healthcare in poor communities. As politicians discuss the future of our planet at Rio+20 they should consider new, additional sources of funding, such as a Financial Transaction Tax and levy on shipping."  


It's a positive development, but the rest of the Rio+ 20 conference was a bitter disappointment. Be assured we won't stop now. We need to continue to build global momentum for supporting small-holder farmers, and the UK government needs to play a strong role in it.

We'll let you know when there is more action to take.

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Blog post written by Abby Mason

Communications Planning and Data Manager

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Abby Mason