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The world's leaders need to pay their fair share - tell them to act now for Sahel

Posted by Tom Linden Campaigns Assistant

24th Jul 2012

A woman in Mauritanian Sahel shows how drought has damaged her crops

"How many people have to suffer how many times before we break the cycle of hunger? We cannot prevent drought - but we can prevent food crises." - David Macdonald, Deputy Director of Oxfam GB's West Africa programme. 

Urge governments around the world to act now in West Africa and build a future where everyone always has enough to eat. Sign our petition today >

Since the start of 2012, factors including drought and rising food prices have caused a food crisis in Sahel, West Africa that has affected more than 18 million people over an area of land as wide as the US. 

As the crisis worsened in May, the UN appealed for £1billion to help the most vulnerable. At first the UK Government were slow to step up and commit their full fair share, but following two weeks of your emailing, letter writing, petition signing and lobbying they committed to giving an additional £15.4m to help those affected in West Africa survive the crisis and rebuild their lives. 

It cannot be said enough how huge a part of this fantastic victory is down to the thousands of you who joined us to take action. Our new Campaigns Director, Ben Phillips, would like to say a personal thank you for all your support.

Of course this strong action by the UK Government is great news but there are still a lot of countries yet to commit their fair share. That's why Oxfam is joining forces with Avaaz and Africans Act 4 Africa to get one million of us to speak out on behalf of the 18 million people facing severe hunger in West Africa; to call on world leaders across the globe to act now. 

Please sign our petition today >

We'll present this petition during a high profile event being hosted by the Prime Minister aiming to help address hunger in poor countries.. The event will be held on the 12th August so we need to move quickly - please add your voice to create an overwhelming show of support. Only by acting now can we protect people from this crisis that continues to worsen whilst giving people the means to build resilience so this never happens again.

Blog post written by Tom Linden

Campaigns Assistant

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