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Mums and babies yoga group champions women's birth rights

Posted by Sarah Pelham Volunteer development officer, campaigns

17th Jul 2012


Amongst wiggling babies and between sips of tea a group of mums came together to share their stories of pregnancy.

A few days before, Shirley Gain, the mama of Sunflower Mama mums and babies yoga group, came across Oxfam's Birth Right's exhibition, hosted by a local café in Worthing.

The exhibition follows two women's journeys through pregnancy and childbirth in Ghana. 'As a mother of two,' Shirley comments, 'I know the importance of maternal health care. All women should have access to trained midwives and a safe environment in which to give birth.'

Every week, 75 women in Ghana die because of complications during childbirth. Despite the introduction of free healthcare for pregnant women in 2008 further investment is greatly needed.

Shirley resolved to show her support and contacted her network of mums. While discussing the facilities and support available to them, the women signed petition cards addressed to their local MPs.

The Government has pledged to spend 0.7% of national income on aid by 2013. This will mean that countries such as Ghana can pay for more health workers and hospitals and prevent women needlessly dying in childbirth.

Add your voice & show your MP that 0.7% is a promise worth keeping.

Contact Lucy ( to host the exhibition in your community. The 22 photo boards come with a DVD, petition cards and booklet.

The exhibition will run at Green Cuisine Restaurant until the end of July.


Blog post written by Sarah Pelham

Volunteer development officer, campaigns

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