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Downing Street: End hunger

Posted by Lucy Aitken Read Community and Activism Campaigner, London and the south east

14th Aug 2012

Today activists and campaigners from eight aid agencies, including Oxfam, visited Downing Street to urge world leaders to act to end hunger and malnutrition.

Oxfam, Save the Children, Avaaz and others were there for more than 600,000 people who have added their names to petitions calling on global leaders to make a lasting impact on hunger by tackling malnutrition in children, protecting the 18 million people facing severe hunger in West Africa, addressing the root causes of hunger and committing to push this agenda forward at next year's G8 Summit and in the future.

This Sunday Prime Minister David Cameron hosted a major hunger event alongside the London Olympics. As we rightly celebrate our athletes fulfilling their potential, almost 1 billion people in the world are hungry.

The crisis across the Sahel region in West Africa shows that, now more than ever, political will needs to be mustered at the global level to tackle the root causes of the broken food system, as well as addressing the immediate humanitarian crises it creates.

Next year the UK will chair the G8 Summit and we want hunger to be top of the agenda.

Thank you to everyone who put their names to the petition.

Blog post written by Lucy Aitken Read

Community and Activism Campaigner, London and the south east

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