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Oxford calls for a Robin Hood Tax

Posted by Kat Hobbs Activist Support Officer, London and south east

22nd Aug 2012

Robin Hood Tax Campaigners

Robin Hood Tax campaigners in Oxford have taken to the streets to stage some very unusual theatre. Joella Lynch reports on a day spent surprising strangers and chasing bankers around the town!

The Oxford Oxfam Campaigns group took to the streets of Oxford city centre on Saturday to call for a Robin Hood Tax. Dressed in true Robin Hood style and armed with a banker or two, we set about trying to shed a bit more light on the Robin Hood tax. Rather than having a stall and handing out leaflets, we tried something a little different to grab people's attention..... cue a little drama, of the theatrical kind that is.

We took inspiration from the Bill Nighy video on the Robin Hood website, which sees a banker being questioned on the Robin Hood tax. We turned the video into our own little piece of theatre, and acted it out in a few different locations throughout Oxford. We found that this was a great way to get people over to have a look at what we were up to, and it was good fun for us as campaigners too! Walking around in dressed as Robin Hood was a great way to spend the afternoon and people were very interested in what we were doing and why we were dressed up- the only things that we were missing was a horse and Little John!
France recently introduced a 0.2% Financial Transaction Tax, and it feels like now is a great time to turn up the pressure on the UK Government to sign up to the Robin Hood Tax and join forces with other countries who are already on board with the tax. I found it surprising that quite a few of the people we spoke to weren't aware of what the Robin Hood tax was. By going out on the streets dressed as Robin Hood and talking to people we were helping to spread the message that a tiny tax on the financial sector could generate billions to fight poverty in the UK and overseas. It would mean that instead of needing men in tights to steal from the rich to give to the poor, we could have bankers in the financial sector helping raise money to protect schools and hospitals, to stop massive cuts across the public sector and to deal with the new climate challenges our world is facing. I think Robin Hood would be have been proud!

Blog post written by Kat Hobbs

Activist Support Officer, London and south east

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