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Oxjam 2012

24th Sep 2012

Oxjam logo

This week sees the launch of Oxfam's month long music festival Oxjam! It all kicks off with Lucy Rose, Graham Coxon, Hot Chip DJ's and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs all in an Oxfam Shop in East London performing amongst the donated vinyl, books and clothes. 

Oxjam is a nationwide music festival organised by local people who love their local music scene. It's a great way of getting people together who might not already know about Oxfam but do know music and vice versa. I  joined Oxfam Campaigns Team in London recently  as a Media Assistant Volunteer  and  am loving every minute of it, and I'm especially looking forward to going to see Lucy Rose at the Oxjam gig on Wednesday.

Oxjam all started in 2006 and it has gone from strength to strength, with it now being the UK's largest music festival. 2009 saw the introduction of Oxjam Take Overs, where one wristband guarantees entry to loads of shows over one weekend in different venues. In the past three years more than 13,500 artists have performed, with audiences raising £325,000 for Oxfam. Oxjam really is unique.

In London and the South East this year there are loads of events happening from Brighton to Brixton. Find your nearest event here and don't forget to add on Facebook and twitter.

But if all this talk of huge gigs is all a bit daunting for you, Oxjam also has something else up their sleeves - Oxjam Homecoming. You can get together with your friends and your music all under your very own roof. You could hold Living Room Sessions, Play DIY DJ and take it in turns to control the decks or the docks and the best thing is that you know that you are having a great time whilst contributing to Oxfam's life changing work enabling people to work their way out of poverty. Visit this site where you can download a really handy guide about how to organise the perfect homecoming.... But most importantly remember to have fun!

By Cassie Galpin