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Plan B and a strong ATT

Posted by Rachel George Digital Campaigns Manager

3rd Sep 2012

Illegal guns kill thousands worldwide every day

When the negotiations for an Arms Trade Treaty were blocked by the US at the last moment in July there was collective disappointment from all the campaigners and the governments who had worked on it for so long. Resolve was high to overcome this delay and get a treaty agreed as soon as they could. Foreign Secretary William Hague made a statement immediately afterwards, saying that the government needed to "maintain the momentum and complete this crucial work as soon as possible, taking the issue to the UN General Assembly."

This is the right plan B. And as the dust settles and the UK government weighs up their options to progress the treaty, we need to remind them of this initial resolve.

This is why the directors in the Control Arms Campaign have written this public letter to the Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt, and the International Development Minister Alan Duncan to urge them to do two things: to strengthen the current treaty text which still has some serious loopholes, and to push for the treaty to be voted on and agreed at the UN General Assembly this October.

As we say in the letter we have been working on this campaign for ten years and following the process every step of the way, so we hope our advice will be heeded.

Blog post written by Rachel George

Digital Campaigns Manager

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Rachel George