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Sara Cox's pop up restaurant - success for GROW in the kitchen

Posted by Tom Linden Campaigns Assistant

15th Oct 2012

Sara Cox cooked up a storm at a one night only pop up restaurant for Oxfam

At the end of September Radio DJ Sara Cox hosted a sizzling pop up restaurant at Hackney City Farm to highlight the central issues of Oxfam's GROW campaign.

Sara Cox said: "I love cooking and entertaining people so I was really happy to be swapping a radio studio for a kitchen for the night to cook up a South American supper for my guests.  Hosting the event was a fun and creative way for me to show my support for Oxfam's campaign to share the world's food resources more fairly and eradicate hunger."

The event was attended by 40 guests including Sara's family and friends, Radio DJs, food bloggers, and local food producing heroes who ate a menu inspired by an Oxfam funded project in Bolivia.  The project uses an ancient irrigation technique involving raised mounds called 'camellones' to grow tomatoes, corn and farm fish. Areas prone to flooding, made more vulnerable in recent years due to the effects of climate change, have been elevated so their crops aren't ruined in the event of extreme weather ensuring that families have food to eat and to take to market.

As well as celebrating small scale farmers and people who are passionate about food the world over, the event intended to highlight the injustice of nearly one billion people going hungry every single day. Diners talked about Oxfam's Grow campaign, which is working to address flaws in the global food system, currently buckling under the pressure of climate change, rising food prices and a shortage of land, water and energy sources.

The shortage of land due largely to the speed and scale with which it has been bought up in the last decade is a particularly big problem Oxfam is prioritising at the moment. Oxfam launched a new arm of the GROW campaign last week urging the World Bank to freeze all land deals for 6 months.  The World Bank is a critical player as an investor, influencer of governments and key standard setter globally and we are urging it to show leadership to help fix this problem.  Add your voice here to a global petition urging them to act

A big thankyou goes out to Jimmy Garcia and the Southwest Supper Club who helped Sara to cook up a storm on the evening.  Jimmy is now running and cooking at his own chalet in France, Chalet Barragiste.  Many thanks to Gemma Pharo, our fabulous event curator and to Time Out London, for the competition they ran for 4 lucky guests. 

Sara Cox added "I hope the night encouraged other people to get involved with Oxfam's campaign so that in a world where there is enough food to go around, a future can be built where no-one has to go to bed hungry."

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Blog post written by Tom Linden

Campaigns Assistant

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