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You're part of this

Posted by Abby Mason Communications Planning and Data Manager

19th Oct 2012

We've driven diggers round London, been splashed all over the media and grabbed the attention of the World Bank - and you've been with us all the way.

We're at an important moment in our campaign to put a stop to the scandal of land grabs and we know that we need to make millions of people aware of this issue to get the right result.

Two weeks ago, in newspaper ads and on social media we asked people to imagine losing their homes. This idea hit a nerve with tens of thousands of people around the world, who signed our petition and joined us on Twitter and Facebook.

And this action is making their top brass sit up and listen. So much so, World Bank Vice President Rachel Kyte joined us in person for a debate on the issue.

In short, the World Bank is hearing us, but begs to differ. Perhaps they aren't hearing us loud enough? We aren't going away until they take action and change their policies to ensure that they are operating to the highest standards.

This campaign has already captured the public imagination. Sign the petition, share or tweet this video and help build the pressure to the next level.  

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Communications Planning and Data Manager

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