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From Malawi to Manchester:turning points in the fight against Hiv and Aids

15th Nov 2012

Mara Banda at the Paradiso House in Lilongwe


1st December -World Aids' Day- is fast approaching. Thankfully, progress has been made in terms of health provision and services for people living with HIV and Aids since the very first World Aids' Day in 1988- also with the assistance of British aid for development- and the people-power of millions around the world who are working hard to eradicate it!

Oxfam is inviting Greater Manchester and its communities to reflect together upon the progress made so far. But also this will be an opportunity to recognise the still existing challenges for people living with HIV in terms of stigma and also of access to health provision, both in Manchester and  around the world. 

So, on Friday 23rd November, at the Coal Store Conference room in the  People's History Museum in Manchester, from 4:30pm until 6:00pm, we'll be looking at what is needed to take the fight against HIV a step further- in Manchester, the UK and internationally. Leaders of Manchester organisations who work in the field of HIV  and development will be sharing their experiences and views together with Mara Banda, who leads the Paradiso project in Lilongwe in Malawi and is also the chair of the Malawi National Aids Commission. They all work with different challenges and achievements but surely have three things in common: they all share the same ambition, passion and determination to fight stigma and save lives. Here they are: 

Lynda Shentall, Director of Services at George House Trust 
Mara Banda, leader of Paradiso Project  in Malawi working with Oxfam
Ivan Lewis MP, Shadow Minister for International Development
Leslie Pratt, Coordinator, Mission Malawi;

This is a key time for focussing on the issue of aid and how communities need to be supported. Aid for development has been under attack recently, and it is vital that we all remember that financial aid for development has been used to provide communities around the world with access to precious anti-retrovirals and healthcare. 

Please RSVP to to confirm your attendance as places are limited. Please also include contact details.