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Posted by Abby Mason Communications Planning and Data Manager

20th Dec 2012

Westminster - Original photo by Sean Barnard

In 2013 the Budget is going to be a big moment for the UK - the 40 year promise of making 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) to international aid will be coming to a head! 

But what does 0.7% of GNI actually mean?

It means children will be able to go to school, people receive vaccinations against preventable diseases , AIDs treatment will reach the most vulnerable, clean water becomes available, women get an equal voice in society, plus much more! Basically the world's poorest people get the support they need to work their way out of poverty.

And all this for a minuscule 0.7% of our GNI... that's not even 1p in the pound!

So in the lead up to the budget in March we are getting together with loads of other charities and pressuring the Government to make sure they keep this promise.

Want to get involved?

We are planning to help people get together in villages, towns and cities and talk to MPs - making them realise that the UK public wants the Government to stick to their promise and not give up on the world's most vulnerable people. 

So if you're an organising type of person, you want to help, or you'd like to attend, then get in touch. Your voice makes a difference. You don't have to march around the streets (even though that is fun), you just have to let your MP know that you care.

From fun creative days, to attending your MPs open surgery, you can lobby your MP in any way you want. Could you even get yourself in your local paper?

Contact your local Oxfam staff to get involved with the campaign in time to influence the Budget 

London and South East - Lucy Aitken Read -
South West - Caitlin Shepherd - or Fiona Remnant
Midlands - Matthew Rickard -
North of England - Nicola Sansom -
Wales - Louise Weinzweig -
Scotland - Sara Cowan -

In the new year we will be emailing all our Oxfam supporters with more details on what is being organised - but if you want to start thinking and organising now contact your local office.

But in the mean time - why not email your MP and let them know that you want the UK Government to keep it's 40 year promise.  

We're aiming to make 2013 is going to be one of the biggest campaigning years in recent history  And it's all going to start in January - so watch this space....

Original photo by Alex J White

Blog post written by Abby Mason

Communications Planning and Data Manager

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