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Get involved with the IF campaign across the North

29th Jan 2013

The world produces enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food. Millions more people are going hungry. This is not only unfair or unjust, but also totally preventable. Northern campaigners didn't need to be asked twice to go out and show their support for the IF campaign.

From Manchester to Liverpool, York, Leeds and Newcastle, we have seen campaigners bringing  Enough Food for Everyone If to life. 

In Leeds, Fabian Hamilton MP joined Leeds-based campaigners to run a market stall selling staple food from across the world to launch 'Enough Food for Everyone IF'

In York, campaigners took IF to the streets and to their local media- check them out!

Manchester City Council was the first Council in the Uk to join the campaign.And possibly to have the youngest supporter holding a banner. See little Felix enjoying his first ever demo. 

In Newcastle, Ian Mears MP and campaigners gathered to demand enough food for everyone in St Thomas Church. 

Wondering what it is all about? Then you cannot miss IF training days in the North!

Manchester 2nd  February, 11am - 3.15pm, with MP John Leech 

Someone carrying a red box needs to be reminded that there is enough food for everyone. That's why together we are going to find out more about the campaign,  have a refresher on 'how to persuade your MP and still stay friends' and get everyone inspired and ready to take action.   John Leech MP will be joining us for lunch and taking your questions about how to influence your MP. You can register or find out more here.

 Newcastle on Monday 4th February from 6.30pm to 8.30p 

Slighlty shorter affair, but still packed up with info, ideas to get campaigning and to influence your MPs and communities. Get your name down here.