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Students tackle food poverty - “I thought that there wasn’t anything I or we could do...I thought wrong!”

Posted by JoAnne Witcombe Regional Youth and Schools Campaigner

14th Feb 2013

Chloe Kershaw and Kaley Hudson were two of 750 Year 10 and 11s who got involved in an anti-hunger campaign at Whitcliffe Mount B & E College

Here they are to explain the 6 things they did to get active on the problem of hunger:

1. They got started...

Chloe: "In our GCSE controlled assessment we have been learning about poverty in the world. We didn't realise that there was so much poverty all around and we just choose not to see it."

Kaley: "A couple of months ago a lady from Oxfam called Jaynee Moon visited our school and gave us an assembly on people in other countries having to deal with their crops not being able to grow so they don't have food to eat or they don't have any way of earning money to buy food."

2. They learnt about local problems...

Chloe: "Obviously we were aware that some struggle with money and food as food prices are quite high, but what I didn't know is that one third of Yorkshire's children are living in families that are under the poverty line; children that are just like me. And I thought that there wasn't anything I or we could do...I thought wrong!"

3. They collected and donated food to The Trussell Trust...

Chloe: "Quite local to me, there is a food bank in Bradford, the Volunteers that help at this particular food bank, visited our schools and we found out a lot of information about what they do as a charity. As a school, we donated a large amount of food that could be put into food packages for local people"

4. They met their MP...

Kaley: "We wrote to our local MP Mike Wood he wrote back to our school and arranged a date where he could visit and answer all our questions on poverty"

Chloe: "I was very interested to hear his thoughts on poverty locally and globally."

5. They made a display...

Kaley "We have also wrote on 3 leaves that say what we 'think' about global poverty what we have 'learnt' about it and how we would 'act' to stop it from happening, and they have all been put together on a wall in the dining social area's big display."

Chloe "We showed this to Mike Wood and the Trussell Trust Volunteers. The display was based on an Oxfam Project called Food for Thought."


Inspired by Chloe and Kaley's example?  Help tackle food poverty by signing up to the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign.

Blog post written by JoAnne Witcombe

Regional Youth and Schools Campaigner

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