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Stand by the families of Syria

Posted by John Kentish UK Campaign Project Manager

29th May 2013

People from all walks of life are desperately trying to escape the escalating violence in Syria - violence that's already claimed more than 80,000 lives. Around 5.5 million people have been forced to leave, with more than 1 million now living as refugees in neighbouring countries. These are ordinary people who've lost everything.

A month ago, we launched a petition to the UK government, pushing for an increase in aid, and for their support in finding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

More than 6,000 people have signed the petition, and the UK government has announced a further £30m in aid for the Syria crisis. This is fantastic news, but world leaders need to do so much more if we're to save lives.

There are two opportunities for progress coming up in June:

  • The UN will launch a new appeal for Humanitarian funds on 7 June
  • A peace conference will take place in Geneva

The UK Government can play its part by

  • Pushing other governments to help meet the needs of the UN appeal
  • Pushing for a peaceful, non-military solution to the conflict at the conference

What you can do

Have you signed the petition? Then here's what else you can do:

Join our Thunderclap, timed to release on 7 June

If you have a little more time, why not write a personal letter or email to William Hague and Justine Greening?

Here are some things to include in your letter:

  • Tell them why you've signed our petition
  • Thank them for the UK aid commitments for Syria so far
  • Ask them to do all they can to get global support for the UN appeal, by continuing to respond positively to UN appeals themselves, and by pushing other governments to do the same
  • Urge them to make every effort in Geneva to help secure a peaceful, non-military solution to the crisis

With your support we can help save lives in Syria.

Blog post written by John Kentish

UK Campaign Project Manager

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