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We’re keeping the pressure on...

17th Jun 2013

Now that the G8 has started, and discussions are taking place we've been hitting the media.

Friday 14 June
On Friday we hosted a 'pop-up tax haven' on London's South Bank - named 'The Isle of Shady' 

Saturday 15 June
On Saturday David Cameron talked Tax, Trade and Transparency at the Open for Growth event he was hosting.  He made some big announcements including an agreement by the UK's Overseas Territories and Crown dependencies to sign up to a tax evasion clampdown

He's certainly taking some big steps forward - Melanie Ward, spokesperson for the Enough For Everyone IF campaign, said:

"David Cameron has today cleared a big obstacle to a clampdown on tax dodging, but a G8 agreement that will help the world's poorest is hanging in the balance.

"The PM's promise to make the global tax system work for the world's poorest is in jeopardy unless the G8 commit to making public and automatically sharing the information poor countries need to collect their missing billions.

"The acid test of the PM's efforts will be whether he delivers a G8 deal that clamps down on tax haven secrecy and phantom companies and will help poor countries collect the money they need to end the scandal that sees 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry."

Also on Saturday we held the Big IF Belfast - taking the message of the IF campaign over to the G8 talks in Northern Ireland.

Sunday 16 June
Nope, we didn't rest on Sunday. In fact we 'caused a bit of a stir' in the centre of Belfast, outside the City hall. G8 leaders have the ingredients to tackle hunger so we wanted to get that message out

Monday 17 June
THE G8 HAS STARTED, so we were back out and about spreading the message that the G8 need to tackle the causes of global hunger.

AND... we met with David Cameron, to hand in the 1.4 million messages, from you, all demanding action on hunger.

You can keep up much more up to date on the IF website, the facebook page and by twitter - we'll let you know the results as soon as we know them.

Thanks for your support - and keep following the progress