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Putney Bake Club discuss Fairtrade and IF Campaign with local MP Justine Greening

Posted by Nathalie Martin Oxfam Constituency Campaigner project intern

19th Jun 2013

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Putney Bake Club's May event where I was able to see what happens when baking and campaigning meet and brush up on my barely existent baking skills!

Stephanie Muzzall and Sarah Barnes are the food bloggers who cofounded The Putney Bake Club as a way to meet local people, share their love of baking and dedicate one afternoon a month to eating lots of cake. Each month the meet takes on a different theme and this time, in aid of the IF campaign, the theme was "Fairtrade and Local Produce".

Stephanie and Sarah saw this as a good opportunity to highlight the lifestyle changes that the IF campaign advocates, particularly the importance of knowing where your ingredients come from and how this can impact on others around the world. They invited their local MP Justine Greening along, who is also the Secretary of State for International Development, to show her how important they believe this is.

With my rocky road in tow (not being brave enough to make anything involving an oven) I arrived at the Bake Club's meet. The event was kicked off by Oxfam volunteer Jane Peyton who spoke about Fairtrade and why it is so important to use Fairtrade ingredients in cooking and baking. 

This set the scene for the informative yet laid back afternoon that followed where tips on baking and sourcing Fairtrade ingredients were shared, cocktails were drunk and an unusual yet delicious range of bakes were eaten from peanut butter cheesecake to red wine cake!

With less than a month to go until the G8, I spoke about the specific policy asks of the IF campaign, particularly the importance of addressing the issues of tax dodging and land grabbing.  The cake club provided the perfect setting for an informal discussion of these issues. Fueled by the homemade plethora of tasty treats, bakers chatted to each other and their MP about their feelings on these problems and Justine Greening said that she would actively support efforts to tackle these issues at the G8!

So, thank you Stephanie and Sarah for organising a fantastic afternoon and showing us how you can use any passion you have to highlight issues you care about. 

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Blog post written by Nathalie Martin

Oxfam Constituency Campaigner project intern

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