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Meet Kelly- our new Activism Coordinator in the North

Posted by Serena Tramonti Media and Advocacy Officer

6th Sep 2013

Kelly Paes

Kelly Paes has just joined the team here at Oxfam in Manchester - she is our new community and activism coordinator in the North of England. Find out what Kelly thinks of her first few weeks - and how you can get in touch with her to get involved in any of our campaigns. 

This is my third week at Oxfam and I can genuinely say I absolutely love my new job.  My role is Community Campaigns Coordinator in the North of England.  That means that my job is to mobilise and support the many hundreds of supporters and activists who believe in Oxfam's goals and want to raise awareness and take action on issues of injustice - and how excited am I to be in this position?!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues in our Manchester office and around the country; they are helping me figure out how the whole machine that is Oxfam operates and they have made me feel part of the Oxfam team from day one.

Of course I already knew I would be working with some fantastic people and for an amazing organisation - I am inside one of the world's most dynamic charities with people's rights at the heart of everything it does. 

I can't wait to meet all of our activists in the North of England and work together with them to bring about change. In the next coming weeks there will be so many exciting campaigns and events to get stuck into and to be part of.  And, if we stick together, we can make a huge difference to inequality and injustice.

I will be blogging about our campaigns and what is happening in the North in time to come.  In the meantime if anyone would like to get in touch, feel free to email me - or on Facebook: Kelly OxfamNorth 

Blog post written by Serena Tramonti

Media and Advocacy Officer

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