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Constituency Campaigners induction day

Posted by Roger James an online campaigner at Oxfam

5th Nov 2013

Our Constituency Campaigner Programme aims to give you the knowledge, tools and support to make sure your voice is heard and has influence at the highest level. This voluntary role will give you vital skills and experience in being a formidable campaigner and influencing those who hold the power, right there in your own community.


The training was designed to update you on Oxfam campaigns and give you the skills and the confidence to continue actions in your respective constituencies.

You are a Oxfam's key contact for political campaigning in your constituency. You will build a relationship with your local MP or MEP by writing to and meeting them or inviting them to local events. In fact, Sharon Stanley from the Parliamentary Outreach team and Stephen Williams MP for Bristol West  joined us during the session. It was really successfully to meet them and share with them their knowlegde about political campaign, how can we influence to our MP and how The Parliament works.

It is essential to show that people in local constituencies do care about international development. But we cannot do it alone- we need your help. Constituency campaigners, often working with other organisations, play a vital part in bringing community voices to their representatives. You as a Constituency Campaigner will become part of these vital campaigns for justice and lasting change.

Constituency Campaigners are an integral part of Oxfam campaigns because of their enormous political potential. They write to and meet their MP, organise private lobby meetings and hold public events involving a variety of other decision-makers, such as Members of the European Parliament, councillors and Greater London Authority politicians.

You will have an opportunity to directly engage with your local MP, councillors and MEPs on issues such as land rights, climate change and lobbying bill, as well as all other poverty-related problems you feel passionate about. Right now our priority is calling for a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis.

We would like to thank our news Constituency Campaigner for come to the induction day and be part of the programme.

Follow this link to find some pictures about an induction day: 

If you would like to follow us on facebook, you will find our facebook group calling Oxfam South West Constituency Campaigners group or on Twitter @oxfamsouthwest 

Blog post written by Roger James

an online campaigner at Oxfam

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