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For the love of.... our Climate Act

Posted by Sara Johnson Campaigner

29th May 2014

Farmer Virginia Ñuñonca Ccallo, 54, and her daughter Elian, 11, with some of their lambs and sheep.

Oxfam and other members of The Climate Coalition have been tweeting David Cameron and Nick Clegg asking them to show some real ambition in the fight against climate change. We want them to stick to the emissions reduction targets laid out in something called the Fourth Carbon Budget. 

So what's the Fourth Carbon Budget all about?

In 2008, the UK passed a Climate Change Act which committed us to reducing our carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Carbon budgets set interim emissions reduction targets every 5 years to ensure the UK is on track to meet the 80% target.

In 2011, the government set its Fourth Carbon Budget to cover the period from 2023-2027. The good news was that this set some quite ambitious targets. The bad news was that there was a caveat: the Government could revise the targets in 2014 if they felt the budget was going to make us economically uncompetitive with others in the EU.

So, the Fourth Carbon Budget is now up for review and we need to make sure the Government sticks to the ambition it showed three years ago.

We've heard rumours that some in Government are arguing for weaker targets. We don't know yet which way it'll go, so David Cameron and Nick Clegg might just need a bit of a push from us to make the right decision and stick to the current targets.

Why is it important?

As we all know, the science is telling us that to stop climate change making people hungry, action needs to be taken now to drastically reduce our carbon emissions. And that's why Oxfam will be targeting both government and big business over the next few years, pushing them to up their game.

Oxfam has been campaigning for David Cameron to fight climate change with ambitious cuts to the UK's carbon emissions and more support for clean energy in the EU negotiations which are currently underway. And thousands of you have already been piling on the pressure on EU leaders to agree ambitious limits on emissions.

For the UK to push for an ambitious deal at the EU and on the global stage in 2015, we need to lead by example by keeping our current targets in the Fourth Carbon Budget.

Show your love

It's time to stand up, in the name of all the things we love, and demand action. From bananas to coffee, along with others in the Climate Coalition, we've been highlighting that many of the things we love are threatened by climate change.

So take action today by tweeting David Cameron and Nick Clegg asking them to be ambitious on climate change and stick to the Climate Act targets in the upcoming Fourth Carbon Budget review. And don't forget to show them what you love and what you want to protect from climate change!

Here's our suggested tweet:

".@David_Cameron & @nick_clegg #fortheloveof food show ambition on climate change: keep the #4thCarbonbudget strong"

To show what you love, you can replace 'food' with whatever it is that you love, e.g. the countryside, your family, cheese!

Find out more about our climate campaigning here.

Blog post written by Sara Johnson


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