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Cameron and Clegg need your help

Posted by Sara Johnson Campaigner

25th Jun 2014

Cameron and Clegg need your help to set EU targets on climate change.

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister need your help to make some big EU decisions!

In just a few months they and other European Heads of State will agree what to include in the EU's climate "package" - that is, what emission reduction and energy efficiency targets the EU will set and what the EU will do about climate change between now and 2030. And over the next few days there will be an EU Council meeting to discuss this package.

Take action

Send them a message. Tweet @David_Cameron and @nick_clegg today:

Less fossil fuel, more renewables! Demand that @David_Cameron and @nick_clegg push for strong #EU2030 climate deal:

Tweet this!

This year Oxfam, Greenpeace, Cafod, Christian Aid and others are working together to put pressure on the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Since March Oxfam supporters have been calling for the government to ensure an ambitious EU package. We put pressure on leaders at the G7 meetings in May by drawing attention to their dependency on fossil fuels; and nearly 15,000 people have signed our petition to send our leaders a message.

We've already started seeing the impacts of climate change, especially on the world's poorest people. So we need David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the other EU leaders to be ambitious: agreeing to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030, including ambitious targets for sustainable renewable energy and energy efficiency, and making firm commitments to stick to those targets.

Send David Cameron and Nick Clegg a message today.

Blog post written by Sara Johnson


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