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For the love of our Climate Act, thank you Cameron and Clegg

Posted by Kiri Hanks Energy Policy Adviser

23rd Jul 2014

Farmer Virginia Ñuñonca Ccallo, 54, and her daughter Elian, 11, with some of their lambs and sheep.

Charities, businesses, trade unions, investors and faith groups all breathed a sigh of relief yesterday, as the Government announced that the fourth carbon budget was safe.

The fourth carbon budget, which commits the UK to halving emissions by 2027 on 1990 levels, is the latest in a series of budgets under the UK's climate change act. It had been up for review, following political wobbling over our long-term commitment to tackling climate change. But the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister held firm against reported pressure from within the Government, and backed Secretary of State for Climate and Energy, Ed Davey, to protect the budget.

This was undoubtedly the right decision. Climate change is already making people hungry, and so the government's continued commitment to ambitious emission reductions is good news for the world's poorest people, who are on the frontline of climate impacts. It's also in the UK's own interests: the committee on climate change made clear in December that there was no reason to alter the carbon budget, but instead highlighted the economic benefits to sticking with it, in terms of business and job security, energy security, improved health and more affordable bills in the longer term.

Now there is clarity about our own targets for reducing emissions, the UK can concentrate on getting the rest of Europe to follow suit. We've already committed to effectively halve emissions by 2027, putting us on a pathway for 60% cuts by 2030. Encourage Cameron to make sure the EU matches this level of ambition.

Blog post written by Kiri Hanks

Energy Policy Adviser

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Kiri Hanks