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This is our red line. Time is running out for Yemen.

Posted by Tom Hayes Head of UK Campaigns

1st Jan 0001

Stop British Bombs Falling on Yemen

Yemen is on the brink of catastrophe. Time is running out to help. You can help stop British-made bombs falling on Yemen, fuelling the crisis for millions living in the Middle East's poorest country.

Our government is supplying arms to Saudi Arabia - a major player in the war, carrying out airstrikes in Yemen. Warplanes attacking Yemen have destroyed schools, hospitals and homes, and food supplies. The country is running out of food as a result.

We're stronger together and, together, we can help before it's too late.

Tens of thousands of Oxfam campaigners have told Boris Johnson to use his power to immediately suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia. It's time to ratchet up the pressure. Join Oxfam in calling on MPs to draw a line on UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Write to your MP now and urge them to help stop UK arms falling on people in desperate need of aid.

Yemen matters. One of the world's poorest countries, Yemen has been ravished by war. More than three million people have been forced from their homes and nearly 2.2 million people are displaced. Since the war escalated in March 2015, 11,000 civilians have been killed or injured.

Yemen also matters because of what it represents. There is a line that must never be crossed - and it's called the Arms Trade Treaty. Oxfam supporters campaigned for many years for a treaty that stops massive human suffering by banning irresponsible arms sales. Campaigning as one, we won this international agreement. We need to defend it.

When the Government draws a red line, as it did helping to set up the Arms Trade Treaty, it cannot cross that red line. Like all red lines, the Arms Trade Treaty is one that must never be crossed.

2016 was the year of norm bashing and more public figures around the world thumbing their noses at long-established rules. 2017 must be the year when red lines are enforced not erased. We face uphill climbs, but we must stare unfairness in the face and fight harder to reach the top. Shouting louder and campaigning together, our calls for change will be heard by those with the most power and responsibility.

So many supporters have reached out about how they can shout louder and campaign harder than ever before for Yemen. Giving what you can to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for Yemen helps charities continue their work saving lives. Urging the Foreign Secretary to immediately suspend arms sales adds to the pressure. And drawing your Red Line for Yemen will ratchet that pressure still further.

The mounting civilian casualties, the millions forced to flee their homes, and the collapse in health care and the economy, all point to one major conclusion; the Government must end arms sales and military support to Saudi Arabia now and bring the warring parties to the negotiating table.

Your campaigning can give Yemen hope. Draw your Red Line now.

Blog post written by Tom Hayes

Head of UK Campaigns

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