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Jack Dangerfield

Media Intern for Oxfam in the South East

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Land grabbers 'sell' off Putney Bridge

Putney the Latest to Fall Victim to Land Grabbers

It was a typically cold and grey Monday morning, as we strolled down the banks of the River Thames.  We were just passing the London Rowing Club Boathouse when two men appeared, dressed in suits...

Land Grab Campaign: 1 month on

Imagine, for a second, being kicked out of your home.  There's no time to collect your possessions, no time to say goodbye to friends and family and you must give up everything you know...

Why We Need An Arms Trade Treaty

Like many people in the UK, I am fortunate enough to have lived a sheltered childhood and to have had a loving family who have always been there to support me.  I grew up thinking that that...