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Date: Nov 2015

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Climate Change and Bangladesh: Why I'm marching as a Bangladeshi this Sunday

Aishah Siddiqa, Campaigns Trainee, talks about her personal experience of visiting Bangladesh and why she's marching for a strong climate deal this Sunday. ...

United against climate change

Three weeks ago we launched our #eyesonParis campaign, calling on world leaders to agree a strong climate deal at the UN Climate Summit in Paris. But, ever since the attacks there, the world's...

Why a UK coal phase-out is an offer to be celebrated ahead of the crucial UN climate summit

Earlier this year Oxfam launched a campaign calling on the UK government to phase out climate-wrecking coal power. Thousands of Oxfam supporters joined the campaign, and today - it's happened!...

Scope marks 20 years since the Disability Discrimination Act

From climate change to conflict, Oxfam campaigns to change the things that keep people locked in poverty. We believe it works. Tireless campaigning from us and our supporters have led to some great...

7 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about the UN Climate Summit

Right now, world leaders are preparing for something huge: the UN Conference of the Parties (COP) Climate Summit this December that will determine how the world will tackle climate change. We've...

Campaigners call for developing countries to have an equal say on global tax rules (Oxfam/ActionAid, 2015)

What's the UK’s role in fixing the broken international tax system?

The global tax system is broken. Multinational corporations are taking advantage of rigged global tax rules to avoid paying their fair share, while ordinary citizens and small businesses in rich...

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