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Date: Jul 2015

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Inequality isn’t just unfair. It’s dangerous.

Imagine living in fear of walking alone. Or stopping your car at a traffic light. Or even just hanging out with your friends or family at the park or beach, all due to the fear that you may be attacked. ...

The fight for tax justice continues

When we launched the campaign for a Tax Dodging Bill at the beginning of this year we didn't know what to expect. The response was overwhelming, with campaigners like you taking action...

A year on: We cannot forget the people of Gaza

A lot can happen in 365 days. And for the crisis in Gaza, this rings truer than ever. This week marks the one year anniversary of the conflict in Gaza, in which more than 2000 people...

Make Poverty History: Ten years on

Ten years ago this month, Scotland hosted one of the most highly anticipated global summits that social justice campaigners have seen in modern times. Throughout the three day G8 summit in Gleneagles,...

altogetherfool / Flickr

10 Reasons why an intergovernmental UN tax body will benefit everyone

It's time to rewrite the rules on tax dodging. It's yet another story of global inequality: rich countries like the UK make the rules, rich corporations and individuals take advantage...

Make Poverty History: The power of campaigning, and strong political leadership.

Ten years ago this week, over 250,000 people marched in Edinburgh to call on G8 leaders to Make Poverty History. A few days later, up the road at Gleneagles, global leaders listened and responded...

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