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Festival Campaigners FAQs

  • Do you provide transport to the festivals ?

    You will have to arrange and pay for your own transport to each festival.

    For Glastonbury we run buses from Bristol Temple Meads to Glastonbury festival and back.,You can tick this on your application form You will be charged £20 out of your deposit for one way or a return journey.

    Festivals often run shuttle buses from the nearest train station which can be for crew - for more information about a particular festival - check their websites.

  • Can I drive to the festival in my own vehicle ?

    Yes, but you must tell us if you are bringing a vehicle and let us know your registration number There is a place to do this on the application form. We request passes in advance for our campaigners to bring cars, caravans or camper vans to site. We only post our transport passes for Glastonbury, others are either in your E-ticket or will be given to you onsite at registration (providing you declared you need one).

    If you change your plans, up until the cancellation deadline, you need to email us at or call us on 0300 200 1266 to let us know of the change. For certain festivals vehicle passes are requested a few weeks in advance and we may not be able to accommodate your request if you ask to bring a vehicle after we have ordered the passes. Please make sure you have all your travel plans up to date for your festivals before the cancellation deadline.

    If you are giving people a lift or share a car with your partner - please only get the driver to fill out their registration details or you risk duplicating the information.

  • Which day do I need to arrive on-site ?

    The date you need to arrive on-site will be in your pre-festival email, as well as clearly stated on the website where you applied. You must make sure you arrive on that day. It is normally the Wednesday before the festival but on some occasions can be the Tuesday or Thursday so make sure you check the website and book off time from work in advance.

  • What time do I have to arrive ?

    The exact times for registration will be in your pre-festival email.

    In general, you should plan to arrive between 2pm - 6pm, this should ensure that you arrive in time to register. Please check the times carefully and be aware that if you arrive late in the evening you may need to register before setting up your tent. You MUST make sure you arrive before registration closes, otherwise you could be marked as a no-show. At registration, you will be given your wristband, shift times and tabard.

    Some festivals shut their gates by a certain time so make sure you read the pre-festival email carefully.

  • Can I leave the site after I have registered ?

    The day before shifts start we need all campaigners to be registered, to be briefed on their specific role, and to orientate themselves.

    If you arrive on site to register and your first shift doesn't start until Thursday morning you are not obliged to stay on site. If you leave site, please take into account how long it will take you to get back on site in time for your first shift and any gate restrictions on the festival. And don't lose your wristband!

    If you are bringing a live-in vehicle please note you won't be able to drive in and out of our campsite, once you have parked up you must stay there until the Monday or the last day of festival.

  • What if I am stuck in traffic and going to be late ?

    Please make sure you leave plenty of time for your journey and allow for bad traffic or public transport delays. If, despite this, you find you are going to be late, please call the onsite mobile number (which will be in your pre-festival email) to let us know.

  • Is anyone driving to the festival that I could get a lift with ?

    Our Oxfam Festivals group on Liftshare enables you to search for and offer lifts exclusively to members of the Oxfam Festivals group. This group is only for Oxfam Volunteers, as lifts will be headed to the Oxfam campsite only.

    To join the group follow the above link and fill in the necessary details, then follow the appropriate links to add a journey. Please 'enter a location' for your start point and 'use a suggested destination' for your destination. You will be able to pick from a list of our festivals.

    If you can be flexible with the time of your journey you will find more matches. For 'who can view this journey' please select 'Only members of my private group/s'. Then your lift will only be shared with members of the Oxfam Festivals group.

    You can message anyone whose journey matches who can offer you a lift, or you can offer them a lift. You can arrange the lift via private messages, or exchange other contact details, but please take a look at Liftshare recommendations for ensuring your safety. Liftshare will ask who you are sharing with to create a 'Budi' group, this helps you keep track of who you have shared with.

    You can only join the Oxfam Festivals group from the link above, and we will remove anyone acting inappropriately from the group. For more specific advice on how to use this service please take a look at the Liftshare FAQ's.

    If you already have a Liftshare account you may experience difficulties joining the group. If this is the case please go to Contacts, and send a message to Member Support and they should be able to sort you out quickly.