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Top Tips from Stewards HQ (26 March)

Posted by Clare Williamson Marketing & Engagement Executive, Oxfam Festivals Team

26th Mar 2013

These Top Tips are based on what's coming up most often in your calls and emails today and they are listed in the order that you'll come across them, not in order of importance, so please read all of them!

1. We have had a lot of emails about changing dates and other mistakes being made. Call & email levels have been high today so please be aware that we will NOT be able to respond to all emails today, and phones are not manned out of business hours. So please don't rush and get your details right first time!!

2. Don't click the back button, especially at the photo upload stage

3. Shift partner error - if you get one of these & go back to stage 4 - you must click the festival you applied for to proceed. Pay attention to the format for dates of birth - it's DD/MM/YYYY

4. Payment details - Please take your time on the payment screen and double check your digits before submitting! Also, the address section will be pre-populated with the address you entered earlier in the form. If this isn't where the card's statement is sent (so isn't what is registered with the bank) you need to change it.

5. Check your spam folders if you haven't received your confirmation emails. You should receive 2 emails - one for steward confirmation and one for deposit confirmation. How long they take also depends on your email provider, but if you have seen the transaction confirmation and number when you pay you will be okay.

6. If you log back in to add more festivals, please use the 'add a festival' button further down the page, not the 'apply now' button again. You'll need the username and password you set up during your initial application to get back in. This will stop you creating duplicate entries on our system. 

*If you want to add more festivals within 24 hours of your first application, you will be asked for the deposit again - but you do not need to pay again. Providing you have got through to the payment screen, you can close down your browser and your festival will be added.

Blog post written by Clare Williamson

Marketing & Engagement Executive, Oxfam Festivals Team

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Clare Williamson