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Stewarding 2014 - Essential Reading #1 Photos

Posted by Clare Williamson Marketing & Engagement Executive, Oxfam Festivals Team

21st Feb 2014

This is the first of our posts for Oxfam Stewarding 2014. Watch this space for more crucial updates and information in the coming weeks - festival season is nearly here!


When completing the stewards' application form, you will be asked to upload a photograph for your ID card. 

In the past, returning (priority) stewards have been able to use the same photo for several years and this has been pre-populated in the form along with their other details, however for the 2014 application we are asking everyone to upload an up-to-date photo, so it's worth getting this sorted out in advance.

Things you CAN'T use include, but aren't restricted to:

A shot of you by the pyramid stage / wearing your funky retro sunnies / standing somewhere in the distance looking wistfully out to sea / wearing a wig / looking sideways / in your favourite animal onesie / how you looked 10 years ago / fully or partially nude (yes we've had those) / pulling shapes last summer in Ibiza / with things shoved up your nose / with a radically different hair colour / pouting excessively for the camera / in a comedy seaside cut-out body / covered in glitter / wearing a bandana / dressed as a pirate / in any kind of theatrical makeup, especially clowns ...  anyway you get the point!

It has to be a clear photo of you as it will be used to identify you on site. We need to be able to see it's definitely you, by torchlight, at 3 in the morning, while standing next to a policeman, security guard or medic who may not share your sense of humour.

To avoid having your photo rejected by the team, please go for the same standard of image you would supply for a driving license or passport. 

For guidelines on providing an acceptable photograph please see: The Identity & Passport Service photo guidelines (pdf) more information about cropping and re-sizing photos will be available in the 2014 FAQs.

Blog post written by Clare Williamson

Marketing & Engagement Executive, Oxfam Festivals Team

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Clare Williamson