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Festivals Friday Update 19 August 2016

Posted by Clare Williamson Marketing & Engagement Executive, Oxfam Festivals Team

19th Aug 2016

Boardmasters Stewards with a poem for Craig David

Gutted that our Twitter campaign to get a shout-out was wasted - Craig David got stuck in Gatwick!

Evening everyone,

Since the last update we've had our crews out at the amazing Boomtown and Boardmasters festivals. And so some MASSIVE thank yous are due to everyone involved at them - well done everybody!

By all accounts, it was a pretty eventful Boomtown - not just with the fabulous new stages and biggest ever Boomtown audience, but with the car park fire too. So an extra special thank you to everyone involved in helping protect, inform and support the festival goers around that - you were great, the response from all the festival crews involved in managing it helped to minimise the damage, in what could have been a much more major incident.

Harriet says we got the award for the best left field at Boomtown when DC Site Services came to clean it - they said we'd left them nothing to do, and gave us a shout out on the radio! And we left another pretty immaculate Oxfield at Boardies. The office team are LOVING this trend for everyone pitching in to make sure we leave no trace, please keep it up!

Here's some feedback from CC for the Boardmasters team:

"Thanks to all Boardmasters volunteers, old and new, the week went very smoothly and Vision Nine are very happy with us, as usual!  I have more fabric Boardmasters wristbands, so if anyone missed them, they just need to post us a stamped address envelope and I'll send them out when I get a moment" *

At the moment we have a team out at Beautiful Days, and Mr Glasspole tells me the weather was lovely, right up until you lot arrived - then it tipped it down with rain again. I'm sorry to report that the forecast for Exeter says showers over the weekend too, but we have our fingers firmly crossed that it's lying and you guys get some sunshine. And failing that, we know a little rain won't dampen your spirits too much - enjoy the rest of the festival!

Then next week is the bank holiday biggy - we have Reading, Leeds and Shambala teams going to site, so the whole team have been focussed on gearing up for that for the past few days. You'll have seen that we re-opened Reading, and added some spots for Leeds too this week. That's because Festival Republic have asked us to help cover some extra positions, so we will be leaving them open until the end of Monday for any more of you last minute spontaneous types! And if you're still sitting on the fence - go for it!

Shambala stewards: there are still loads of your e-tickets that haven't been validated. You just need to click the link in the email to make sure you can gain entry next week, but please don't leave it till the last minute, it makes us nervous, go and do it NOW! Please remember there are strictly NO fires or barbeques allowed in the Shambala campsite as the land is protected for historical reasons, so save some space & don't bother packing them.

After the bank holiday, all roads lead to Bestival. If you have applied already, but haven't finalised your travel plans, please get on and do that asap. The ferries get more expensive the later you leave it. If you missed our Bestival travel post the other week, have a look now for all the important timings etc.

We are still short of stewards for Bestival - so please help us spread the word far and wide to all your friends, family and colleagues and help us reach our target number. It's going to be a brilliant end of season party, and it's a great festival - the perfect mix of things to see and do in a fantastic location. And with loads of fancy dress silliness, glitter and NUTS catering too. Don't forget your future/space themed outfits for this one!

CC also says "if there are any creative types coming to Bestival who want to help me with a mini project, tell them to hit me up on Facebook!" [she's Claire Coleman-Oxfam on FB]

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
The Oxfam Festivals Team
F: Oxfam Festivals Team              
T: @Oxfamstewards        
L: Oxfam Liftshare Community               

* Bristol Office address for the wristband SAEs is:
Oxfam Festivals Team, Brunswick Court, Brunswick Square, BRISTOL. BS2 8PE

Don't forget, if you are new to stewarding we have suggested packing lists in the 'My Downloads' section of the application - just log back in here to find them. 

Blog post written by Clare Williamson

Marketing & Engagement Executive, Oxfam Festivals Team

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