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Date: Feb 2014

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Stewarding 2014 Priority Applications Are Open

PRIORITY APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN!! We're pleased and excited to announce that Priority stewards can now apply for the 2014 festival season! All priority stewards have...

Stewarding 2014 Priority Launch Announcement

Applications for priority stewards will now be opening on Thursday 27 February, after 10am. As usual we will post information on our social media to let you know when it is open, so please...

Stewarding 2014 - Essential Reading #3 Variable Deposits


Stewarding 2014 - Essential Reading #2 Shift Partners

ESSENTIAL READING #2 - SHIFT PARTNERS We offer the opportunity for you to list shift partners during your application, to enable you to steward and coordinate your time...

Stewarding 2014 - Essential Reading #1 Photos

This is the first of our posts for Oxfam Stewarding 2014. Watch this space for more crucial updates and information in the coming weeks - festival season is nearly here! ESSENTIAL READING...

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