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Date: May 2015

3 Articles

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Stewarding Friday Update 29 May 2015

Hay hey, Oxfamily! We've got lots to say this time, so first up here's a message from Jason: "What a great week! We're almost 3 festivals down already and the season...

Stewarding Friday Update 22 May 2015

Hello everyone, As I write, we have crew out at Bearded Theory and Hay Festival & Love Saves the Day is starting tomorrow, so it's all go here. With lovely weather so far, our Hay1...

Stewarding Friday Update 15 May 2015

Hello Oxfamily, happy Friday! It's been ages since the last update, so definitely time for a spot of news from Stewards HQ. 3 weeks ago the team spent a sunny Tuesday at Oxfam's...

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