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Date: Jun 2015

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The Great Glastonbury Treasure Hunt!

As has become tradition, we are kicking off Glastonbury with a Treasure Hunt and we have some incredible prizes up for grabs. The Treasure Hunt has been organised for us for many years by long-term...

Oxfam Stewards Photo Competition 2015

IT'S COMPETITION TIME! We're pleased to announce the return of the highly anticipated photo competition, just in time for Glastonbury! This is your opportunity to capture the most...

Stewarding Tuesday Update 16 June 2015

Hello stewards! Last week's Friday update didn't happen, so here's a quick spot of news from HQ to bring you up to date. Firstly, it was Leigh's last official week in the Bristol...

Zero to Hero Steward Award 2015

ZERO TO HERO AWARD 2015! Every year we have a handful of volunteers who start the season signing up for one festival, instantly love it and go on to do several more with Oxfam that summer....

Stewarding Friday Update 05 June 2015

Hello! This has been national volunteering week, so there have been loads of things happening around the UK to promote volunteering, and what better way to do it than at a festival with us? ...

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