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Date: Sep 2017

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Superstar Steward header

Superstar Steward Winner 2017

What an incredible season, filled with incredible stewards. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work this summer. It was amazing to see so many Superstar Steward nominations falling in to the...

Zero to Hero Winner 2017

Well, what a summer! As we sit with the sound of music still quietly ringing in our ears and the temperature dropping to more than slightly chilly, it's time for us to give a nod to those who...

Photo Competition 2017 Winners

We've had some absolutely gorgeous snaps this year - it's been an absolute pleasure receiving your entries and having a glimpse into so many incredible festival moments. You've left me...

Stewards between Bestivals giant Astronauts

Festivals Friday Update 15 September 2017

Hello everyone, Bestival team - WOW. That was a tad damp and breezy wasn't it? While at times it felt like a camping endurance challenge, we stuck with it and you did Oxfam proud yet again...

Shambala Enchanted Woods

Festivals Friday Update 01 September 2017

Hello everyone, Last week was the big bank holiday trio of festivals and we had over a thousand of you lovely people at Reading, Leeds and Shambala respectively. So the first thing tonight...

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