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Batley Wastesaver

Behind The Scenes at Oxfam Festival Shop Wastesaver

Amazing news from our Oxfam Shops team! A record breaking Glastonbury - well done to everyone involved. So, we've heard what the team think of the music and we know what the shops look...

How to Wear a Band T-Shirt

As long as music is around the band t-shirt will remain in fashion. Whether it's an obscure Indie band or a Classic Rock band from your parents' generation,...

Festival Take Over: The Perfect Festival Outfits

The fabulous British festival season is just around the corner and for us girls that means one thing…major outfit planning! So, I've explored Oxfam's Online Shop and...

Festival Take Over: What is your Festival style?

With the festival season just starting, the Oxfam Festival Team is assembling tons of amazing, high street and vintage clothing to sell acrossshops at Europe's biggest festivals.Festivals...

Festival Take Over: What's In My Glastonbury Rucksack

Its official, the festival season has begun!!! The first stop on the Oxfam Festival Team summer tour, is none other than Glastonbury (exciting, right?), with the festival just...

The Wonderful World of the Royal Windsor Horse Show

'Such a fun place to shop, the most exciting store at Windsor' It's that time of year again, the sun is starting to shine and Oxfam is set to...

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